Bulletin 008 Carifesta CD-16

Bulletin 008 Carifesta CD-16

Today at the National Library, the Carifesta Committee met the members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Haiti and whose countries are going to participate in Carifesta XII.

The Committee, chaired by Elsa Baussan Noël, accompanied by the team responsible for logistics has informed the diplomats of provisions that are made to facilitate the entry in the country of the musical instruments and all other necessary equipments for the various artistic performances.

The diplomats also met the liaison officers who will continuous the delegations in shifts and they will have to constantly facilitate the general stay in Haiti. 21 countries have confirmed their participation for Carifesta XII in Haiti, and the Artistic Committee is now viewing approximately 150 events across the country.

Carifesta Haiti raises enormous enthusiasm and a great curiosity in the Caribbean, in Latin America and North America. The National Theater Dance Company was able to experience this enthusiasm during their participation at the Festival of Zacatekas in Mexico on August 1st and 2nd. It was a huge success with their show “Ayiti jodi a”.

The National Theatre Dance Company will also perform at the Festival. The National Theatre is one of the chosen venues in the West department along with the Kiosk Occyde Jeanty, the National Pantheon Museum, the National Bureau of Ethnology and the National Library.

The National Library is delighted with the enthusiasm around the news of the Symposium on August 25th and 26th with the arrival in Haiti of the great Trinidadian writer Earl Lovelace.

Admission to the symposium is free but you must register by writing to:


August 7th, 2015

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