Haiti – Host Country

03 Vivez l'expérience de notre histoire! Experience our History! ¡Vive la experiencia de nuestra historia!_La Citadelle

The Citadelle La Ferrière of Milot is a military bastion built at the beginning of the XIX century in Haiti by Henri Christophe. It is the largest fortress of the Caribbean: at 900 meters above sea level, she is located 15km south of Cap-Haitien, in the North department of Haiti.

Haiti, the first independent black republic of the world, means “high land” in the Taïno language. She shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic and covers an area of 27, 750 km squared with a contrasting relief. The country is full of surprises. The scenery is varied with majestic mountains, colonial cities with a prodigious charm. Haiti has succeeded in preserving species that it is only possible to see on this magical island. The country offers numerous tourist attractions: fabulous landscapes, divine beaches, the sun, the blue sky, colors, unique flavors, creative and quality craftsmanship. Here, Tradition and Modernity combine marvelously to the delight of travelers. Haiti found, a few years ago, the road to democracy and peace. The country is presently looking at its future with optimism, and it is precisely because it is yet a “new” country that it is interesting to visit! Haiti, experience it!


Visitez Haiti! http://www.haititourisme.gouv.ht/