Official Logo

Official logo of CARIFESTA XII designed by artist Ralph Penel
The logo represents a synergy of multiculturalism, pride and joyful unity.

Graphic elements presentation


Representation of the Caribbean sunrise, expressing colorful summer festivities




The member states are represented by fifteen (15) stars of various colors to express cultural and ethnic diversity.
The blue middle star represents the host country Haiti.


Le Marron Inconnu (The Unknown Slave): a symbol of our fight for freedom.
The « Lambi » (conch shell) is a historical instrument of calling, rallying and gathering. It illustrates communication.

The font used is whimsical and amusing expressing the lively and convivial aspect of Caribbean life.


Ralph Penel Pierre was born on September 13th in Carrefour where he spent most of his youth. After attending the University Quisquéya, he enrolled at the National School of Arts (ENARTS) in 2002. It is the only art school he will ever attend, having proven himself as an illustrator and graphic designer. Ralph made his first drawings at the age of 3 with his elder brother, by attempting to recreate the Marvel Comics superheroes of their youth. He participated as a teenager in several drawing competitions and winning many awards.

Immediately after graduating high school graduation, he joined the prestigious publishing and printing company Henri Deschamps, as a graphic designer and illustrator of school textbooks and children’s literature. He contributed to “Couleurs de la Rue” (The colors of the street), a children’s storybook successfully co-published by Hachette-Deschamps and EDICEF. Ralph also distinguished himself in visual communications and advertising. He worked as a contractor with some of the largest Marketing and Communications firms in Haiti. He participated a few times in the International Comic Convention in 2004 and 2006, in San Diego, California. He launched his first comic book The Lobo Brothers in Montreal in November 2006 at Nouvel Hotel Montreal and at Grand Salon du Livre. He also participated in the 25th edition of the Miami International Book Fair in November 2008. In December 2009, he was winner of the national competition TOYP (The Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Haiti). He was the Guest of Honor at 4th Carribulles Festival in Guadeloupe in April 2013 and launched the first two Haitian comic books published abroad in paperback. He is currently a professor at ENARTS (text illustration, character creation – design and visual communication) runs a foundation specializing in training the youth in cartoon and animation production, illustrations, storyboards, etc.; with a commitment to improve the education in the field and lobby for new jobs related to art of drawing.