The West


By far the most populous of Haiti’s 10 departments, the West is the seat of Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince and it offers its visitors a wide array of appealing attractions as well as accommodations and entertainment for all tastes and budgets. In the west you’ll find historic sites, natural places of relaxation, rich and varied landscapes set against the rapid thrilling pace of a bustling capital city. The west department is Haiti’s urban center, most importantly the financial, political and cultural capital of Haiti.

Port-au-Prince & its surrounding areas

Port-au-Prince is a densely populated urban center. Watch the scene unfold as graceful merchants carry their goods in large baskets. They elegantly balance these loads on their heads as they make their way through street traffic, past crowded tap-taps (public transportation vehicles) bustling with laughter and ambiance.

There are many beautiful public parks in Port-au-Prince including Champs de Mars, which is located near the ruins of the National Palace, as well as a number of ministries. Port-au-Prince is the place to encounter Haiti’s largest circuit of pictorial art galleries. Visitors will enjoy its vivid cultural and artistic scene and delight in its very active nightlife.

Just a few minutes outside of Port-au-Prince, restaurants are abound, especially in the posher neighborhoods of Pétion-Ville. Take the time to savor a glass of local rum before enjoying some authentic Creole cuisine. Pétion-Ville is also home to a bevy of fine dining restaurants, which serve their delicious take on world cuisine, fusing tradition and modernity in a cozy and friendly atmosphere. Don’t forget to try to the local beer.

The Iron Market
The Iron Market—also known as Marche Vallière or Marché Hyppolite—is considered an architectural chef d’oeuvre of priceless artistic and historic value. Often deemed “the landmark of Port-au-Prince,” it was inaugurated in November 1891. 121 years later, this landmark has been restored and its architecture still recalls the style of old-fashioned Paris shopping centers of the past. The Iron market is a historic site teeming with life, a place where both tourists and local consumers mingle as they shop for anything and everything from fresh produce and groceries to an eclectic variety of handicrafts.

Saint Pierre Public Park
On the site of Coupe-Chardonnière, just eight kilometers outside of Port-au-Prince, the law of September 23, 1831 establishes the city named Pétion by then President Boyer, in tribute to the founder of the republic. A parade is set up on the northern edge of the new city. Its transformation into a public park does not take place until 1935. Saint Pierre quickly became one of the loveliest public parks in Haiti. The parish church, administrative offices, the headquarters of the Pétion-Ville police, the charming Kinam Hotel, and a number of public and private schools surround it. Saint Pierre is a great place to relax and meet people; it’s a great place to take a nice walk in the heart of Pétion-Ville. It is also home to a flower market where you will find a wide selection of flowers for purchase. Paintings, sculptures and other handicrafts can be purchased along some of the sidewalks opposite parallel to the park.

Noailles Village
Noailles Village is located in the heart of Croix-des-Bouquets city (8.0 miles northeast of Port-au-Prince). In this quiet small town, the hammering sounds of pounding chisels resonate as metals are shaped and bent to the whim of their creators’ imaginations. The metal work tradition in this area began in 1956 with just one blacksmith, then a cross maker for the local cemetery.

Today, Noailles village is home to dozens of craftsmen making it one of the centers for carved iron crafts; it offers the largest variety of carved iron sculptures in Haiti. Visit the workshops at village Noailles and interact with the artisans. Put on your bartering hat and negotiate prices before you make a purchase. If you’ve got a few days ahead of you, you can even have a piece custom made to your liking.

Canne a Sucre Historic Park
Located on 15 Octobre Blvd in Port-au-Prince, on the site of the former Chateaublond sugarcane plantation, once also President Tancrète Auguste’s center for sugar production, the Canez Auguste Foundation Park traces the story of Haiti’s sugarcane. Uncover bits of Haiti’s history alongside the evolution of sugar industry production technology. Within the Museum’s enchanting setting, talented guides will help you discover period bells, mills, boilers, barrels, ovens, fireplaces, aqueducts, a production plant and locomotive; listen, as they come back to life before your very eyes.

The park hosts many concerts (at least 24 per year), event information for them is available either online or in local newspapers. Onsite restaurant, Le Relais, offers delicious Creole dishes as well as freshly pressed sugarcane juice. Depending on the time of your visit, this site can be excessively noisy or quiet and serene.

The Observatory at Boutiliers.
Located in Boutiliers, the Observatory offers a unique point of view, perching its visitors at 3182 feet above Port-au-Prince, its bay and surrounding areas. In 1981, special permission was granted for the construction of the Observatory, as building a look-out point from such a strategic military position required as much. You’ll understand why as you admire Haiti’s bustling urban centers, the ruins of the National Palace, the Natcom tower, the new Digicel tower, the Sylvio Cator soccer stadium, the Marine ports set against the gorgeous deep blue Caribbean sea (on the left). Enjoy Haiti’s temperate mountain climate as you shop for arts and crafts made by the local community of artists. Visitors can also enjoy snacks and refreshments at the Point d’Vue café. Boutiliers is located just 20 minutes up the mountain from Pétion-Ville. Don’t miss this amazing glimpse at the liveliest map of Haiti’s capital city.

The Mountain Maid Self Help Project
The Mountain Maid Self Help project is a part of the Baptist Haiti Mission, established in 1946 and located in Fermathe on the Kenscoff road. Don’t miss the Mountain Maid outlet, where you can purchase quality crafts and woodwork, all locally made by members of the Fermathe community. Their American cafeteria-style restaurant is the perfect place to spend an afternoon munching on a good burger and fries; wash it down with one of their delicious milk shakes. Don’t miss a chance to visit the bakery; their granola cookies, banana bread and brownies are legendary and made fresh daily. The center also features a mini-museum; you are welcome to stroll on the property while you take in the fresh mountain air and lush surrounding vegetation.

Fort Jacques
Following the proclamation of Haiti’s independence, General Alexandre Pétion had a fortification built in the district of Grand Fond (a dozen or so miles from Port-au-Prince). This fortification was given the name Fort Jacques, in honor of Republic General, Jean Jacques Dessalines. Fort Jacques has since withstood the ravaging tests of time and although it was erected for its strategic military position, it never witnessed any armed struggles. Today, Fort Jacques is a reminder of the environment in which soldiers lived at the time, locked behind fortified defensive walls. This fort is also a symbol of the mastery of its engineers, who adapted the art of fortification building to the morphology of Haiti’s mountainous terrain. From Fort Jacques, visitors have a view on the entire bay of Port-au-Prince. Don’t miss May 18 (Haitian Flag Day) festivities where a pilgrimage, fair and music concerts are organized annually.

The verdant mountains of Belot are located 9 Km southeast off of the Kenskoff road. This area is an active agricultural center producing delicious varieties of onions, carrots, potatoes, as well as herbs, which locals use to make tea, including spearmint, mint, basil, and citronella. The Belot Mountains are a great place to spend the day with friends and family. Enjoy breathtaking views as the fog settles and lifts over the lush green scenery. Belot is the perfect place for quiet hikes and peaceful meditation. Another favorite activity in this area is to go strawberry picking in the fields at Le Montcel. Le Montcel is a chalet style Hotel where you can turn your Belot adventure into a weekend. You’ll forget all the noise and bustle of the city as you sip on their famous fresh made strawberry juice. Eco- and agro-tourism enthusiasts should not miss a chance at visiting this destination.

Furcy is a small village further up the mountain from Kenscoff, 30 miles southeast of Port-au-Prince. Living simply, people of the area truly live the simple life, expect them to extend their usual warm and friendly welcome. Even during summer, Furcy is an ideal place for walks in the area’s cool mountain climate. Bring a sweater or shawl, as it tends to get quite cold. Spend the weekend at The Lodge; it brandishes magnificent wooden chalet architecture and is Furcy’s only functioning hotel. Stop by the local bar, Rustik, and warm up with a glass of Haiti’s famous rum. Mountain views in this area are quite impressive. If you arrive early in the morning, you can hire a horse or hike on foot to the waters of Bassin Bleu. Experienced hikers should not miss the trails at La Visite National Park (one of two national parks in Haiti) whose peaks rise to 8792 feet at the summit of Pic La Selle. The hike will last several hours but housing the largest reserve of pine trees in Haiti, this park is sure to be a paradise for eco-tourism enthusiasts. Wear appropriate footwear and bring clothing to protect you from the cold or rain.

The Arcadins Coast
The Arcadins coast is a long stretch of white sandy beaches, located just 45 minutes north of Port-au-Prince (Via Rte Nationale #1). A public beach is available to visitors looking for reduced fair beach adventure but for a few dollars more, entry is granted at a string of nearby private hotels & resorts, which offer other amenities such as bathrooms, fine Creole dining and fresh water pools. Fresh catch-of-the-day fish and seafood are available along the beaches of the Arcadins Coast. Buy directly from fishermen on the beach and don’t forget to try the local pikliz sauce (lemony hot sauce) with your plate of grilled conch. The sea along the Arcandins coastline is usually calm and transparent, making the area a prime location for snorkeling and water sports. It’s important to note that in general, beaches and pools are not monitored and as such, swimming alone is not recommended.

The Arcadins Coast is the most active of Haiti’s coastlines, a rendezvous for tourists seeking a good time.

For those who want to explore the sights, discover the forts around the coast or check out tours of surrounding villages.

The Haitian National Pantheon Museum (MUPANAH)
The Haitian National Pantheon Museum (MUPANAH) is dedicated to perpetuating the memory of the Founding Fathers, the History and Culture of Haiti. It is located in the Heroes of Independence Square, in the heart of the Champ de Mars, in Port-au-Prince.

The museum is housed in a building from an architectural approach based on “pure” mathematical forms: a reflection of the momentum of a people towards emancipation. This architecture depict the important moments of the courageous people of Haiti who have never given up their aspirations for justice and freedom.

The MUPANAH preciously keep the remains of the Founding Fathers: Toussaint Louverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Henry Christophe and Alexandre Pétion. It counts two exhibition halls. One with a permanent exhibition of the museum, highlighting objects and historical documents of the pre-Columbian period to the contemporary period, through the revolutionary period when the Indigenous Army fought the colonial system to achieve the abolition of slavery and the creation of the First Black Independent Nation of the World: Haiti. The other room receives temporary artistic or historic exhibitions.

Its collections feature archaeological pieces and Native American artifacts, artifacts of the Spanish and French colonial eras – among them the anchor of the Santa Maria, the crown of Emperor Faustin the 1st, slave shackles from the seventeenth century, historical documents, some of which reflect the sale of slaves, the bell of Liberty which rang to signal the Abolition of Slavery 29 August 1793, swords and rifles of officers of the Indigenous Army and more.

Its repertoire of Art pieces brings together paintings and sculptures of the Grand Masters of Haitian art.
The museum layout also includes a multipurpose hall, the museum shop, a restaurant, an amphitheater in the garden, and an attractive environment where students can deepen their knowledge of Haitian culture through educational activities.

The Haitian National Pantheon Museum offers daily tours to groups of students, visitors, youth groups, adults, researchers and tourists.

Best Western Premier (Carabimmo s.A.)
+509 2814-2222
50 angle rues Louverture et Geffrard, Pétion-Ville.

The Best Western Premier Petion-Ville is the fruit of the vision of a confident Haiti in its future, and is inspired by its rich culture and historical heritage. BWPPV celebrates a perennial Haiti, a rich picture of the country which, despite some challenges, made it The Pearl of the Antilles.

B&B Comfy Inn
+509 2813-1212 | 2227-0000
73 angle rues Clerveaux et Ogé, Pétion-Ville

Coconut villa Hôtel
+509 3179-3752
3 rue Berthol, Delmas 19

Compagnie Haïtienne d’Hôtellerie *IEC
+509 3701-0909
1 rue Métreau, Bourdon, Port-au-Prince.

Elite Hôtel
+509 2813-6187 | 2813-6188 | 2813-6189
14 rue Jacques 1er, Delmas 31

Gamel s.A. *IEC
+509 3490-0918
3 rue Wallon, Place Boyer, Pétion- Ville

GGN Immobiliers
+509 3709-0222 | 4799-3333
50 rue Grégoire, Pétion-Ville

Habitation Hatt
+509 2942-2995 | 3452-9480
Delmas 31

Hôtel Ibo Lélé
+509 2940-8502, 8503, 8504
Route Ibo Lélé, Montagne Noire, Pétion-Ville

Hôtel Karibe
+509 2812-7000
Juvénat 7, Pétion-Ville

Hotel Marriott, Port-au-Prince
+509 28 14 00 22
147 avenue Jean Paul II, Turgeau, Port-au-Prince

Just 7 miles from the Toussaint Louverture Intl Airport, the new Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel offers guests easy access to the city’s commercial district, 175 spacious guest rooms featuring contemporary decor, confortable bedding and innovative amenities. For a local dining experience, visit La Sirene Bar and Restaurant, with a variety of traditional Haitian items in addition to popular international dishes. Unlike other Haiti hotels, our Marriott also features a state-of-the-art fitness center, an outdoor pool and five elegant meeting rooms for corporate and social events of any size.

Hôtel Montana
+509 3880-6610 | 509 2942-6667
Rue Frank Cardozo, Musseau Pétion-Ville

Apart-Hôtel – Restaurant and bar
. 6 conference rooms and banquet – parking, over 300 places. Panoramic terraces.

Hôtel villa Thérèse
+509 2816-0605 | 2816-2524
13 rue Léon Nau, Nérette Pétion Ville

Idéal villa Hôtel
+509 2943-0470
6 Delmas 53

Kinam Hôtel
+509 2944-6000, 6000, 6001 Place Saint-Pierre, Pétion-Ville

Starting from 2014, Kinam Hotel offers a sumptuous blend of modernity and Gingerbread style. With 85 new rooms, currently under construction, and a know-how dating back to the 1900s, Kinam Hotel will bring you the best Haiti has to offer: an upscale restaurant, a lobby lounge bar, shops, a center business and conference facilities.

La Lorraine
+509 2816-8300 | 2816-8301
36 rue Clerveau,

La Réserve
+509 2940-0190 | 2946-1111 +509 3330-6520 | 3330-6521
2 Marcel Toureau, Berthé, Pétion-Ville

Le Montcel
+509 3702-7244 | 3701-4777 +509 3701-1744
14 Km, Belot, rte de Kenscoff

Le Plaza
+509 2814-6000 | 2814-6027
10 rue Capois, Port-au-Prince

The Plaza, Champs de Mars, a large hotel in the heart of Port-au-Prince.
101 rooms, 2 restaurants, La Terrasse and Kanel, 5 conference rooms, a green oasis, away from traffic jams, 8 km from the airport, close to the National Palace, ministries, banks, the Embassy of France, and the famous museum: MUPANAH.

Le Ritz
+509 2943-0303
Impasse des Hôtels, 
Rue Panaméricaine, Pétion-Ville

Maxime Boutique Hotel
+509 4890-0271
74 Imp. Mc Donald, Bois Moquete

NH Haiti El Rancho
+509 2815-1000
5 rue José Marti, Impasse des Hôtels, Pétion-Ville

Palm Residence
+509 3706-7342 | 3454-0053
21 rue Borno, Pétion-Ville

Prince Hôtel
+509 3791-1549 | 2944-0422
30 angle rue 3 et ave. N, Port-au-Prince

Résidences Talou
+509 3701-4455
Rue Amiral Killick, Morne Calvaire, Pétion-Ville

Royal oasis by occidental Hotels
+509 2229-2030
115 rue Panaméricaine, Pétion-Ville

+509 2812-7500
Blvd Toussaint Louverture, Zone Cargo, Port-au-Prince

The Lodge
+509 3458-5968
Furcy, Rte de Kenskoff

Visa Lodge
+509 3719-6551 | 2813-0777
Route de l’Aéroport, rue des Nîmes,
Blvd Toussaint Louverture

Wall’s International Guest House
+509 3703-4588 | 3622-0684
8 rue Mackandal, Delmas 19

6 Bis, Rue Ogé, Pétion-Ville

10, Rue Goulard, Place Boyer, Pétion-Ville
3454-6542 / 3460-3326/ 3445-3325

36, Rue Clerveaux, local la Lorraine, Pétion-Ville
3666 -1430 / 3893-2233 / 3893-2211

Angle Rues Moïse et Grégoire, Complexe Promenade, Pétion-Ville
2943-2014 / 3837-0607

17, Rue Mangonèse, Berthé, Pétion-Ville
2227-7702 / 3659-9989 / 4733-6046

Angle Rues Aubran et Panaméricaine, Pétion-Ville
2942-0000/ 2226-0434 / 2942-6834

91, Ave Panaméricaine, Pétion-Ville
2813-1446 / 2813-1447/ 2813-1445

31, Angle Rues Rigaud et Clervaux, Pétion -Ville
3728-7437 / 3416-0860 /3728-7028

10, Rue Rebecca, Pétion-Ville
3805-0238 / 2942-5225/ 3466-3908

Rue Borno, Imp. Fourchard, Bois Moquette, Pétion-Ville
2941-6334 / 3458-2699/ 4857-3833

2, Rue Marcel Toureau, Berthé, Pétion-Ville
2940-0190 / 2946-1111

2, Rue Darguin, Complexe L’Esplanade, Pétion-Ville
2942-3138 / 4412-3138/ 3761-0012

30 , Rue Ogé, Pétion- Ville

89, Rue Gregoire, Pétion-Ville

Angle Avenue Panamericaine et Rue Rebecca
3713-1393 / 2813-1530 / 2813-1524

48, Rue Métellus, Pétion-Ville
3701-2707 / 3771-3678 / 3701-0288 / 2947-7717/ 3665-4205

36, Rue Chavannes, Pétion-Ville
2813-2100 / 2813-2200

28, Rue Rigaud, Petion Ville

25, Rue Métellus, Pétion-Ville

Angle Rues Faubert et Lambert, Pétion-Ville
2813-8080 / 3661-1313

Angle Rues Chavannes et Clerveaux, Pétion-Ville

101, Rue Grégoire, Pétion-Ville

Angle Rue Aubran et Panaméricaine, Pétion-Ville
2226-0434/ 3768-8555

12, Rue Louverture, Pétion-Ville
2813-0136 / 2813-0106 / 2813-0151

349, Delmas 81, Delmas
3873-4747/ 3779-7777

Parc Historique de la Canne à Sucre, Tabarre
2940-1101 / 2940-1102/ 3449-7407

Blvd Harry Truman, Bicentenaire, Port-au-Prince
3201-4931 / 3663-8624/ 3768-1328

9, Ave Lamartinière Bois Verna, Port-au-Prince
2813-1526 / 2813-1528

Complexe Sonadim, Aéroport, Delmas
2813-1398 / 2813-1399

Angle Ave. Panaméricaine et Rue Rebecca, Pétion-Ville
3713-1393 / 2813-1530 / 2813-1524

2, Rue T. Guilbaud, Blvd Toussaint Louverture, Delmas

3415-5253 / 3752-7387

3449-6161 / 2227-1437/ 32899911

88, Laboule 12, Route de Kenscoff
3410-7219 / 3873-2285

3 Bis, Fermathe 54, Route de Kenscoff
3418-8511/ 3401-6201 /3448-7332

2, Gros Roche Place Furcy, Furcy
3880-5170 / 2811-5170